mcalf.visualisation.plot_ibis8542(wavelengths, spectrum, fit=None, background=0, sigma=None, sigma_scale=70, stationary_line_core=None, impl=<function voigt_integrate>, subtraction=False, separate=False, show_intensity=True, show_legend=True, ax=None)[source]

Plot an IBIS8542Model fit.


It is recommended to use the plot method built into either the IBIS8542Model class or the FitResult class instead.

  • wavelengths (numpy.ndarray) – The x-axis values.

  • spectrum (numpy.ndarray, length=n_wavelengths) – The y-axis values.

  • fit (array_like, optional, default=None) – The fitted parameters.

  • background (float or numpy.ndarray, length=n_wavelengths, optional, default=0) – The background to add to the fitted profiles.

  • sigma (numpy.ndarray, length=n_wavelengths, optional, default=None) – The sigma profile used when fitting the parameters to spectrum. If given, will be plotted as shaded regions.

  • sigma_scale (float, optional, default=70) – A factor to multiply the error bars to change their prominence.

  • stationary_line_core (float, optional, default=None) – If given, will show a dashed line at this wavelength.

  • impl (callable, optional, default=voigt_integrate) – The Voigt implementation to use.

  • subtraction (bool, optional, default=False) – Whether to plot the spectrum minus emission fit (if exists) instead.

  • separate (bool, optional, default=False) – Whether to plot the fitted profiles separately (if multiple components exist).

  • show_intensity (bool, optional, default=True) – Whether to show the intensity axis tick labels and axis label.

  • show_legend (bool, optional, default=True) – Whether to draw a legend on the axes.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes, optional, default=None) – Axes into which the fit will be plotted. Defaults to the current axis of the current figure.


ax – Axes the lines are drawn on.

Return type


See also


General plotting method.


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Plot the spectrum with the emission fit subtracted from it.


Plotting method provided by the fit result.


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Plot a fitted spectrum