MCALF profiles

This sub-package contains:

  • Functions that can be used to model the spectra.

  • Voigt profile with a variety of wrappers for different applications (mcalf.profiles.voigt).

  • Gaussian profiles and skew normal distributions (mcalf.profiles.gaussian).

mcalf.profiles Package

mcalf.profiles.voigt Module


voigt_integrate(x, s, g[, clib])

Voigt function implementation (calculated by integrating).

voigt_faddeeva(x, s, g, **kwargs)

Voigt function implementation (Faddeeva).

voigt_mclean(x, s, g, **kwargs)

Voigt function implementation (efficient approximation).

voigt_nobg(x, a, b, s, g[, impl])

Voigt function with no background (Base Voigt function).

voigt(x, a, b, s, g, d, **kwargs)

Voigt function with background.

double_voigt_nobg(x, a1, b1, s1, g1, a2, b2, ...)

Double Voigt function with no background.

double_voigt(x, a1, b1, s1, g1, a2, b2, s2, ...)

Double Voigt function with background.

mcalf.profiles.gaussian Module


single_gaussian(x, a, b, c, d)

Gaussian function.