MCALF models

This sub-package contains:

  • Base and sample models that can be adapted and fitted to any spectral imaging dataset.

  • Models optimised for particular data sets that can be used directly.

  • Data structures for storing and exporting the fitted parameters, as well as simplifying the calculation of velocities.

mcalf.models Package


FitResult(fitted_parameters, fit_info)

Class that holds the result of a fit.

FitResults(shape, n_parameters[, time])

Class that holds multiple fit results in a way that can be easily processed.


Class for working with IBIS 8542 Å calcium II spectral imaging observations.


Base class for spectral line model fitting.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of mcalf.models.results.FitResult, mcalf.models.results.FitResults, mcalf.models.ibis.IBIS8542Model, mcalf.models.base.ModelBase