MCALF utils

This sub-package contains:

  • Functions for processing spectra (mcalf.utils.spec).

  • Functions for smoothing n-dimensional arrays (mcalf.utils.smooth).

  • Functions for masking the input data to limit the region computed (mcalf.utils.mask).

  • Functions for helping with plotting (mcalf.utils.plot).

  • Miscellaneous utility functions (mcalf.utils.misc).

mcalf.utils Package

mcalf.utils.spec Module


reinterpolate_spectrum(spectrum, …)

Reinterpolate the spectrum.

normalise_spectrum(spectrum[, …])

Normalise an individual spectrum to have intensities in range [0, 1].

generate_sigma(sigma_type, wavelengths, …)

Generate the default sigma profiles.

mcalf.utils.smooth Module


moving_average(array, width)

Boxcar moving average.

gaussian_kern_3d([width, sigma])

3D Gaussian kernel.

smooth_cube(cube, mask, **kwargs)

Apply Gaussian smoothing to velocities.

mask_classifications(class_map[, vmin, …])

Mask 2D and 3D arrays of classifications.

mcalf.utils.mask Module


genmask(width, height[, radius, …])

Generate a circular mask of specified size.

radial_distances(n_cols, n_rows)

Generates a 2D array of specified shape of radial distances from the centre.

mcalf.utils.plot Module


hide_existing_labels(plot_settings[, axes, fig])

Hides labels for each dictionary provided if label already exists in legend.

calculate_axis_extent(resolution, px[, …])

Calculate the extent from a resolution value along a particular axis.

calculate_extent(shape, resolution[, …])

Calculate the extent from a particular data shape and resolution.

class_cmap(style, n)

Create a listed colormap for a specific number of classifications.

mcalf.utils.misc Module



Returns each inputted argument, wrapping in a list if not already iterable.

load_parameter(parameter[, wl])

Load parameters from file, optionally evaluating variables from strings.

merge_results(filenames, output)

Merges files generated by the method.