MCALF visualisation

This sub-package contains:

  • Functions to plot the input spectrum and the fitted model.

  • Functions to plot the spatial distribution and their general profile.

  • Functions to plot the velocities calculated for a spectral imaging scan.

mcalf.visualisation Package


bar([class_map, vmin, vmax, reduce, style, …])

Plot a bar chart of the classification abundances.

init_class_data(class_map[, vmin, vmax, …])

Initialise dictionary of common classification plotting data.

plot_class_map([class_map, vmin, vmax, …])

Plot a map of the classifications.

plot_classifications(spectra, labels[, …])

Plot spectra grouped by their labelled classification.

plot_ibis8542(wavelengths, spectrum[, fit, …])

Plot an IBIS8542Model fit.

plot_map(arr[, mask, umbra_mask, …])

Plot a velocity map array.

plot_spectrum(wavelengths, spectrum[, …])

Plot a spectrum with the wavelength grid shown.