mcalf.utils.spec.generate_sigma(sigma_type, wavelengths, line_core, a=-0.95, c=0.04, d=1, centre_rad=7, a_peak=0.4)[source]

Generate the default sigma profiles.

  • sigma_type (int) – Type of profile to generate. Should be either 1 or 2.

  • wavelengths (array_like) – Wavelengths to use for sigma profile.

  • line_core (float) – Line core to use as centre of Gaussian sigma profile.

  • a (float, optional, default=-0.95) – Amplitude of Gaussian sigma profile.

  • c (float, optional, default=0.04) – Sigma of Gaussian sigma profile.

  • d (float, optional, default=1) – Background of Gaussian sigma profile.

  • centre_rad (int, optional, default=7) – Width of central flattened region.

  • a_peak (float, optional, default=0.4) – Amplitude of central 7 pixel section, if sigma_type is 2.


sigma – The generated sigma profile.

Return type:

numpy.ndarray, length=n_wavelengths