mcalf.utils.plot.calculate_axis_extent(resolution, px, offset=0, unit='Mm')[source]

Calculate the extent from a resolution value along a particular axis.

  • resolution (float or astropy.units.quantity.Quantity) – Length of each pixel. Unit defaults to unit is not an astropy quantity.

  • px (int) – Number of pixels extent is being calculated for.

  • offset (int or float, default=0) – Number of pixels from the 0 pixel to the first pixel. Defaults to the first pixel being at 0 length units. For example, in a 1000 pixel wide dataset, setting offset to -500 would place the 0 Mm location at the centre.

  • unit (str, default="Mm") – Default unit string to use if resolution is not an astropy quantity.


  • first (float) – First extent value.

  • last (float) – Last extent value.

  • unit (str) – Unit of extent values.